Crown XLS2000 DriveCore Power Amplifier

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A culmination of nearly two decades of R&D in PWM and switch-mode amplification, DriveCore is a Crown exclusive that combines hundreds of parts into one chip the size of a your fingertip, resulting in more efficiencies and unsurpassed reliability.  

PureBand Crossover System

The PureBand™ Crossover System in the XLS Series adds an enormous amount of flexibility and performance to any system. With this system, the crossover frequency is completely variable allowing the choice of any crossover point between 50Hz and 3kHz on 1/12 octave centers. The use of 4th order Linkwitz-Riley filters provides steep slopes for a seamless transition between high and low drivers. And with four crossover modes to choose from providing the ultimate in flexibility, all of your system needs are covered. All of the PureBand™ Crossover System settings can be fully configured quickly and easily from the front panel using the intuitive LCD interface.

Peakx Limiters

Peakx™ limiters provide the ultimate in performance and protection for your entire system. This advanced algorithm was specifically developed and tuned to work with this amplifier and power-supply to achieve higher SPL will less audible artifacts. This means less distortion, less shutdowns, and maximum safe power delivered to your speakers. The Peakx™ limiters can be easily turned on or off by channel right from the front panel eliminating the need to be digging around in the back of the dark rack.

Switched-Mode Power Supply

This advanced power supply is highly efficient and optimized for maximum power transfer from the AC line through the Class D output stage to the loudspeakers.


XLR, 1/4", RCA inputs provide outstanding flexibility.


All four models in the line weigh 10 pounds or less with no compromise in performance. This makes the XLS Series the benchmark for high performance lightweight portability.

Number of Channels2
Power ClassClass D
Watts/Side @ 8 ohms375W
Watts/Side @ 4 ohms650W
Watts/Side @ 2 ohms1050W
Watts Bridged2100W (4 ohms), 1300W (8 ohms)
Cooling SystemForced-air Fans
FiltersYes, 4th order Linkwitz-Riley
Inputs2 x XLR, 2 x 1/4", 2 x RCA
Outputs2 x 4-Pole Speakon, 2 x Binding Posts (Banana or Bare Wire)
Rack Spaces2U
Weight10.75 lbs.

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