Finding Funds for Music Technology - 2nd Edition
Finding Funds for Music Technology

Finding Funds for Music Technology - 2nd Edition

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Today there are so many compelling reasons to add technology to your music program. Installing a lab with computer and USB MIDI keyboards encourages active music making, helping us meet the goals set forth in the National Standards for Arts Education. Teaching keyboard performance develops physical and mechanical skills and, beyond the musical experience itself, recent research shows that active music making leads to increased spatial-temporal abilities, resulting in improved scores in both math and science. In addition to this, opportunities for sharing multi-use facilities support computing across the curriculum, expanding inter-disciplinary studies, and making another strong case for bringing music technology to your students.

What is the best equipment to support your curriculum? What is needed to successfully configure a facility to meet your specialized educational needs? How do you get the resources necessary to bring these powerful tools to your students? How do you prepare yourself and other staff to take full advantage of these new educational opportunities? From where will the funding come? This book will answer these important questions and others, and will provide you with resource materials to enable you to best present a proposal to your administration or other funding sources.

Table of Contents:
  • Defining the Need
  • The Equipment
  • The One-Page Summary and Budget
  • Funding Sources: An Overview
  • Funding Through Existing Budgets
  • Local Service Clubs
  • Federal and State Grants
  • Local Foundations and Corporations
  • Music Companies and Arts Organizations
  • Federal Grants
  • National Corporations and Foundations
  • Grant Writing Tips

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