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Korg CA2
Item Id: CA2
Korg CA2
Korg CA1
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The ideal compact tuner for brass band or orchestra, now with a stylish new look.

Having become a popular standard in tuners and an indispensable item for brass band or orchestra thanks to its superior basic functionality and convenient functions, the CA series now has a fresh new look. Carrying on the stylish design with its simple layout of the basic functions, the note name display has been enlarged and the meter made even more visible. This is a must-have item not only for beginners but also for a wide range of musical instrument performers. The CA-2 delivers the high precision, sensitivity, and simple ease of use that you expect from KORG tuners, providing stable tuning functionality in any situation from personal practice to ensembles and concert practice.

  • A needle-style meter with large high-visibility note name and string name
  • A compact body that's slim and lightweight
  • Tuning function suitable for a variety of instruments
  • Approximately 200 hours of continuous use

Wide range of pitch detection covers any instrument

The CA-2 supports a broad range of A0-C8, allowing speedy and high-precision tuning of wind, string, keyboard, and other instruments. In addition to the high-sensitivity built-in microphone, a separately sold CM-200 contact microphone can be used to send the vibrations directly to the tuner for even more accurate tuning.

Pure major third and minor third markings

Inaccuracies of the harmonies in a triad are particularly easy to notice when played by an ensemble such as a brass band or orchestra. By slightly adjusting the pitch of a major or minor third relative to the equal-tempered interval, a beautiful-sounding pure third can be obtained. The meter scale of the CA-2 includes markings to indicate pure major and minor thirds relative to a specified pitch. Simply by tuning your instrument to these markings, you can perform beautiful, pure harmonies when playing in an ensemble.

* The choice of note to adjust when tuning to a pure major or minor third will depend on the music you're performing.

Adjustable calibration for a wide range of concert pitches

The calibration function (410-480 Hz) can be adjusted in 1 Hz steps for accurate and flexible tuning to any song or key.

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