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Music Ace Maestro combines all 48 lessons from Music Ace and Music Ace 2 with Maestro Manager a suite of educator-focused student assessment and curriculum management tools.

Key Features

  • Available in educator edition only
  • Includes all 48 Music Ace and Music Ace 2 lessons sequenced in a recommended pedagogical order
  • Newly revised Educator's Guide
  • Maestro Manager, a suite of educator-oriented tools that can be used to:
    • define and manage student groups and individual students
    • create, manage, and customize the instructional lesson sequence

    • import assessment data from earlier Music Ace or Music Ace 2 installation

    • centralize management of student and group instructions options

    • import student names from popular student management software
    • export assessment data in industry-standard format

    • archive student and group assessment data

Combines the 48 lessons of Music Ace and Music Ace 2 into a single product.  Topics covered are:

 1. Introduction to the Staff25. The ABC's of the Grand Staff
 2. Intro. to the Piano Keyboard26. Half Steps and Whole Steps
 3. Beat and Tempo 27. Rests
 4. Playing with Pitch 28. More ABC's of the Grand Staff
 5. The ABC's of the Piano Keyboard 29. Sharps and Flats
 6. Hearing Rhythms30. Review Note Names
 7. More Piano ABC's31. Sharps and Flats on the Staff
 8. The ABC's of the Staff 32. More Sharps and Flats on the Staff
 9. Basic Rhythm Notation 33. Syncopation
10. The ABC's of the Treble Staff 34. Review Sharps and Flats
11. More Treble Staff ABC's35. The Key Signature
12. The Quarter Rest 36. Introduction to Major Scales
13. Keyboard Review 37. Sixteenth Notes
14. Below the Treble Staff38. Intervals
15. Melody39. Review Key Signatures and Major Scales
16. Above the Treble Staff40. Sharp Key Signatures
17.Loud and Soft, Same Pitch 41. Three Sounds per Beat
18. The Measure 42. More Sharp Key Signatures
19. The ABC's of the Bass Staff43. The Time Signature
20. Above the Bass Staff44. Flat Key Signatures
21. Notes Longer Than a Beat 45. The 6/8 Time Signature
22. Below the Bass Staff46. More Flat Key Signatures
23. Same Pitch, Different Timbres 47. Minor Scales
24. Dotted Quarter Notes48. Introduction to Harmony

Each lesson contains an exciting multi-level game to sharpen music skills and improve retention of important lesson concepts. Colorful animated 3-D graphics, digitized sound effects, bonus points and high scores provide fun, interactive entertainment. Users can select novice or advanced difficulty settings.

Music Doodle Pad
This unique feature allows individuals to easily compose their own music using a variety of instrument sounds. These creative compositions can be saved and played back for others, showcasing the knowledge and skills acquired from the lessons and games. Users can also listen to and modify popular music selections from the Jukebox section of the Music Doodle Pad.      

Tracking Progress
Special feature tracks an individual's progress through lessons and games. A "completion count" provides the number of times the user has gone through each section of a lesson and "games progress" provides high scores.

Points of Distinction 

  • Ideal for educators desiring the flexibility to create customized lesson content and ordering
  • Enhanced student progress data management
  • Ideal for beginning and intermediate music students, young or old-any instrument
  • Accelerates learning music fundamentals-develops and reinforces essential aspects of learning music
  • Exceptional value-affordable combination of lessons, games and a composition feature
  • Excellent motivational tool-excites students about learning music
  • Users develop real musical skills, not just an introduction to music
  • Entertaining, highly interactive, easy to use-point and click navigation with the mouse

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