SI5 - Student Interface for GEC5 System

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Korg GEC5 Student Interface

Each student station included in a Korg GEC5 Group Learning System will be equipped with a rock solid student interface box allowing each student to be a part of the group. The student interface box is built to last through many years of multiple classes in your lab. Connect as many as 32 individual stations to one GEC5 Teacher Unit.


  • Microphone out to relay student microphones to computer input for digital recording or Computer Aided Instruction voice input

  • Digital volume control

  • Call Button for student to communicate with teacher from workstation

  • Use any headset with a microphone for communication with the Teacher

  • Aux In to allow music from any mp3 player at the single station or throughout the lab

  • Digital AD/DA converters – 16-bit/48kHz


  • Instrument In (RCA)

  • Aux In 1 (1/8” Stereo)

  • Aux In 2 (RCA)

  • Headset Mic Input 1 & 2 (1/8” TRRS, compatible with single and dual 1/8” plugs)

  • Mic Input (1/8” Mono)

  • RJ45 Ethernet input for power and audio connection to Teacher Unit


  • Headphone Out 1 & 2 (1/8” TRRS/Stereo)

  • Mic Out (1/8” Mono)

Student Interface Dimensions - 4.9” W x 1.2” H x 4.5” D

Taking Labs to a New Level 

The Korg Group Education Controller 5 (GEC5) represents the most advanced system in group instruction technology. With an intuitive, easy-to-use software user interface, multiple practice and instruction modes, fully-digital stereo sound and the option of wireless tablet integration - the Korg GEC5 Lab System will take any music, language or technology lab to a new level of high efficiency and create a superior classroom experience.

The advanced, yet easy-to-use audio routing on the GEC5 is compatible with any digital audio signal, so get creative and build a room with any combination of electronic instruments including digital pianos, guitars, synthesizers, even MIDI-controlled software instruments. Want to do even more? Integrate computers with your lab and take learning to a new level of excitement and capability. Unlike other systems, the Korg GEC5 is completely open and allows you to use any curriculum that suits your classroom best. The sky is the limit!

For over 20 years Korg has worked extensively with educators all over the world with overwhelming success in thousands of music, language and technology labs. This expertise in educational technology has led to the development of the Korg GEC5 Lab System - the most user-friendly, flexible and powerful lab control system available.

Korg GEC5

Suitable for any teaching level and any combination of electronic instruments, (MIDI keyboards, guitars, sound modules, computer soundcards, etc.) the GEC5 allows teachers to interact with as many as 32 different student stations and up to 64 students, since each student station can accommodate two students!

Multiple Modes Mean Flexibility

The GEC5 utilizes a custom designed software interface which was built from the ground up to be a powerful and intuitive group instruction system. Compatible with both Windows and Apple operating systems for your desktop and either Android or iOS for your tablet, Educators will be able to control the audio in the room by customizing classroom layouts, and “eavesdrop” on student’s progress, all with a few simple clicks.

There are three main modes of GEC5 operation. Each of these can be selected within the software interface at the teacher’s station. They include:

  • Lecture Mode:
    This mode is used to present material in a lecture format. All students hear the teacher’s microphone and instrument or computer allowing for a captive and quiet audience.

    Practice Mode:
    This mode is used when the students are working independently. Each student hears only his or her own instrument or computer. In Practice Mode, the teacher has the option of “eavesdropping” on the student and initiating 2 way communication with the student.

    Group Mode:
    This mode is used when students are working together in groups (two or more student workstations in any conceivable configuration). Each student in a group can hear his or her own instrument as well as the instruments or computer and microphone of the other members of their group.

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