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What is a Skoog?

The Skoog is an exciting new musical instrument designed to empower those unable to play traditional instruments. The Skoog is a soft, squeezable object that simply plugs straight into your computer or laptop's USB port. By touching, pressing, squashing, twisting or tapping the Skoog you can play a wide range of instruments, intuitively.

Simply touch, press, squash, twist, or tap to play the Skoog using any part of your body!

Designed to adapt and fit with your own natural movements, the Skoog sets you free to explore sounds and music in your own way.

By adjusting the Skoog you can challenge yourself and grow as a musician. Whether you have very limited mobility or bags of agility, you can make your Skoog fit your style.

Skoog plugs straight into your computer’s USB port

It may look like a simple softy on the outside, but Skoog has got much more going on below the surface. Dynamic sensors within the Skoog are cleverly arranged to respond to your every move, no matter how gentle or forceful you are feeling.You can even use your Skoog as a MIDI controller...

Our simple and beautifully designed software has a few tricks up its sleeve too.

Choose from "Physical modelling synthesis", Sampling and MIDI modes - you'll hear the difference in every squeeze, twist, wobble, shake, rattle or roll. Just hook up your speakers or headphones and get ready to explore.

Designed for people with any degree or combination of physical, mental or behavioral difficulties.

And because it has been designed to work for those with the most challenging of circumstances, it works for everyone.

From musicians who want to experiment, to disabled children who may struggle to play any instrument, Skoog creates a level playing field for interaction and integration with players of all capabilities.

Skoog is ideal for therapy practices

As it can be used in both one to one and group settings, making it an excellent resource. It is an instrument both therapist and client can play together, in unison and in turn taking. Skoog empowers users to communicate and be expressive, particularity non or pre verbal clients.

The tactile nature of the Skoog in combination with adjustable skill and sensitivity can enhance the recovery of motor skills. The visual and tactile appeal can be particularly useful when working with individuals with Autism.

Technical Specifications

Each Skoog™ package contains one multi-touch sensor, one software CD and comes complete with 12 fantastic dynamic instruments and a comprehensive user guide. Simply install the software on your computer, hook up your favourite loudspeakers and connect your Skoog™ to the USB port and you are ready to play.

Key Features

  • Robust and wipe clean
  • Mac and Windows compatible
  • 5 fully-adjustable touch-sensitive surfaces
  • A range of instruments; Woodwind, Brass, String and Electronic
  • Quick-start pre-sets
  • Custom user-profiles
  • Use traditional scales or create your own
  • Bonus software bundle

Minimum Specifications

  • Computer/Laptop with at least 1GB RAM
  • Stereo headphone/audio out
  • Windows XP (SP3) or later, Mac OSX 10.4 or later
  • Colour display, CD ROM drive & USB port
  • Internet access for software updates, plug-ins and web support
  • Good quality loudspeakers recommended

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