SoundBeam 6 Switches 1-4

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SoundBeam 6 - Switches 1, 2, 3 & 4
The revolutionary "touch-free" musical instrument is now more powerful than ever!

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Soundbeam uses ultrasonic sensors to detect movement -  big or small - and translates this into sounds. It comes with pre-loaded 'soundsets' that range from tracks which allow the exploration and performance of different genres - blues, classical, to more improvisational soundscapes and other musical ways of playing. It is completely programmable so that the user can make changes to personalize the soundsets and save them. Soundbeam 6 has a wealth of instruments, backing tracks and sound effects to choose from.

This set of "switches" connect wirelessly to the main Soundbeam 6 controller, and allow users to add and control additional elements to their performances. Their functions can be completely customized to control certain instruments (percussion instruments, or pitched instruments running through a series of pitches, etc.), or they can trigger changes in a song (for example, tapping the switch will switch from a verse to a chorus chord progression), and much more!

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