Tanglewood Learn to Play Bundle - TU101 Ukulele with Curriculum, Gig Bag & Tuner

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Tanglewood TU101 Ukulele - Learn To Play Bundle

The ukulele is a great instrument to learn quickly and have fun with right away, and the colored strings on this Tanglewood concert uke make it even easier! The Learn to Play bundle gives you everything you need to play right away:

• Colored strings guide your eyes and your fingers to the right strings each time

• Everything you need to learn to play all included in the box

• Perfect for any age – 4 to 104!

Learn to play ukulele with colors – easy for any age!

You don’t have to be a music major to learn to play the ukulele—you don’t even have to be able to read sheet music. Musicians of all ages and abilities are picking up the ukulele every day and now Korg has a unique and fun bundle to help anyone, any age learn to play. The included Tanglewood concert ukulele has four colored strings that will help anyone learn to play faster than ever!

Our Learn-To-Play bundle includes a beautiful natural colored Tanglewood concert ukulele, Aquila Kids colored strings, a padded gig bag, a Korg PC-2 Clip-on tuner and a full, 32-page method book that will get even pre-readers playing in no time.

• Quality instrument with great tone 

   In this introductory bundle, you’ll find a great quality ukulele that will last and sound great.

 • Includes a full method book

    Unlike other bundles, this Learn to Play bundle features the colored strings already on the instrument and a full 32-page method book filled with great tips and tricks to playing quickly and great songs to play right away

 • Everything you need is in the box

    From set-up to your first show, you’ll have everything you need to get playing! The colored strings are already on the ukulele, and in the box you’ll have a Korg PC-2 tuner, a gig bag and a full size method book to get you on your way.


•             SHAPE: Concert

•             TOP: Linden

•             BACK: Linden

•             SIDES: Linden

•             FINGERBOARD: Plywood

•             BINDING: N/A

•             SADDLE: ABS Ivory

•             NUT: ABS Ivory (34mm)

•             MACHINE HEADS: Open Gear, Black Buttons

•             EQ: N/A

•             STRINGS: Multi-Colored Nylon

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